Company Outline
 Business Development in the New Century
 New Millennium Business
 BCI's Environmental Preservation Program

President's Message

Bright China Industries Inc. is celebrating a series of successful cooperation with its customer. Beyond the recognition our products & services have received, our progressive environment protection has drawn attention as well. But as the leading manufacturer in sporting optics, our success is nothing new. With over twenty years of excellence in the design and manufacture of optics products to our customer, our track record has been firmly established. This consumer confidence is a source of pride and innovation at BCI. It inspires us to set new and higher standards, to research and design groundbreaking product features, and to manufacture innovative new products with unparalleled quality and value. This dedication to quality and value is an inherent part of everything we do. It is our focus and a part of BCI's heritage. Customer¡¯s expectations are high but BCI¡¯s aspirations are even higher. We are carving out strategies for the future to lead the optics manufacturing industry as never before.  Tantalizing new product introductions are around the corner the stuff that inspiration is made of. BCI will continue to be at the forefront of sports optics, bringing a brighter future to the mutual beneficial cooperation!

Xiaobo Zhou 
Chairman and CEO 
Bright China Industries Inc.

Company Outline

Bright China Industries Inc. manufactures a broad range of optics products from riflescopes, telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, magnifiers, surveying instruments and electronics products (such as TV, Hi-Fi accessories, speaker, speaker box, car alarm & security systems etc.). These products have been manufactured with our accumulated & advanced technologies; the endeavors of whole staff, ISO9002 certificated quality management system. They have gained worldwide customer recognition. Here is brief information on BCI's corporate profile, and basic technologies, equipment, capacities and products. 

BCI is one of the few companies in the world with an ecumenical grasp of optical technology. We cover the total manufacturing process from the actual making of the optical glass to the lenses themselves. Our optical technology is also vital to the Chinese Earth Observing Satellite. Other BCI originals include a large objective mirror for astronomical telescopes, long distance laser rangefinder up to 50 KM, chemical vaporization processing of plasma for large aspherical lenses, super high power electronic Microscopes etc. BCI makes extensive use of computers to design our optical systems. Indeed, we've been incorporating CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) for years and have an established CAD / CAM network in our development division. Bright China Industries Inc. is your right choice for long-term OEM cooperation.



BCI Wuhan Optics
---3,000 staff; produces 3/4¡¯, 1¡¯, 30mm tube riflescopes; red dot riflescope; waterproof binoculars; laser rangefinder and night vision etc.

BCI Kunming Optics
---3,000 staff; produces full range of binoculars, monocular, golfscope, periscope etc.; night vision, telescope, spotting scope etc.

BCI Chongqing Optics
---2,000 staff, produces compact roof prism & compact porro binoculars; standard & vertical porro binoculars etc.

BCI Hangzhou Electronics & Tools
---3,000 staff, produces B/W and color TV; speaker, speaker box ; CCTV monitor & security system; Hi-Fi accessories; Hand & power tools etc.

China H.Q. and Shipping/Reinspection Center
Bright China Industries (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.
---Locates at Shenzhen, which has Int¡¯l airport and Yantian & Shekou Int¡¯l seaports (among top 10 biggest sea ports in the world). It has over 10,000-square meter warehouse, 10 QA engineers, just 40 km away from Hong Kong Int¡¯l airport and Hong Kong seaport.


Shenzhen & Hong Kong International airports


Business Development in the New Century

Bright China Industries Inc. defined our strategy as "Vision BCI 21st Century" to clarify the direction and goals of the BCI group for the first decade of the 21st century. BCI understood on what ground we stand as a business group in the past decades and in future. BCI is a manufacturer backed by excellent technologies, the teamwork and endeavors of its staff, its ongoing innovations in optics & electronics industry. BCI exists thanks to consumers' confidence and cooperation. Taking a major change of BCI's economic and business environment into consideration, we reviewed our previous strategy and have defined BCI's new strategy as follows:

It is crucial that we be trusted and lived by customers worldwide. BCI exists and prospers in harmony on all levels throughout the world. We maintain pride, faith in our business and encourage an entrepreneurial sprit. BCI¡¯s goal is to appeal to customers and satisfy them with efficient and useful products and services. With superb technology as our backbone, we must offer the best quality products and services worldwide. By restructuring our business and focusing our management resources on growing areas where we can make the most of our strengths, we aim to be the best in each business field. Accomplish a solid management structure wherein each group company strives to grow, evolve and flourish. Build agile management that allows us to adapt swiftly to the ever-changing sport optics business environment. In utilizing our strengths such as optics, opto-electronics and precision technologies, we will reinforce our technologies such as laser technology, digital technology and manufacturing technology. We exhibit our strength by restructuring our businesses and focusing our resources on growing fields where we can make the most of our strength. We will develop our business by pursuing the ultimate in technology, quality, precision and performance. BCI's variety of merchandise offers pleasure, convenience and efficiency to individuals as well as to businesses.

New Millennium Business

In 21st century BCI will start our search from four different angles.

1. Search for any new opportunities in the sporting optics Related field, the opto-electronics field, or in an extension of these fields.

2. Search in a field with the possibility of future growth where our core competencies, customer's brand and its existing distribution network can be cooperated.

3. Search in an as yet uncultivated area within the value chain of the existing business cooperation with customer.

4. Search for essential elements outside the BCI Group, if necessary, to fully realize our core competencies through promoting tie-ups / alliance, mergers and acquisitions.

We will search for all elements or functions considered necessary to expand our esteemed customer¡¯s business. We should identify and utilize them in the most appropriate region where we can expect optimum results for our customer.

BCI's Environmental Preservation Program

BCI has established "BCI Basic Environmental Management Policy" in 1992 to maintain a sound environment, sustain social development for future generations, prevent pollution, promote effective use of resources, improve regional environments, and to preserve the global environment.

¡¤ All international, national, and local laws and regulations for environmental preservation shall be accommodated.

¡¤ Design and development must accommodate environmental and safety concerns. Environmental preservation objectives shall be met at every stage of product life, including production, distribution, use, and waste processing.

¡¤ We shall develop and improve technology for environmental preservation at every stage including production, distribution, use, and waste processing. We shall introduce materials and equipment that are effective for achieving environmental preservation objectives.

¡¤ We will try to promote energy and resource conservation in all our activities, promote recycling, reduce waste, and utilize proper disposal methods.

¡¤ Employees shall be thoroughly educated and made more aware of environmental issues.

¡¤ The BCI group, its affiliates and its entire staff will actively support and implement the above policy.